Structured Sales

At the end of the day, we all just want our problems to be solved.

If someone sits in front of you, it’s because you have a product or a service that they thought could help them solve their problem.

But they don’t want the hard route to figuring out if you’re the solution. They don’t want to feel overwhelmed in that process.

People want to know, regardless of how much money they spend, that you’re going to solve their problems.

You have to have a structure for a sales call getting on the phone and just rambling and letting them talk. Show them that you’ll solve their problems.

Sales that are important to your bottom line. You have to have a structure for this call and the structure dictates that you’ve thought to be 100% really, really clear on the path. You’re taking them and, and being the CEO of this thing and being in control, you’ve got to be the one to start the conversation and end the conversation.

How do your sales calls generally go?

We have a five step process in which we believe here at the Do The Damn Thing Nation. It involves quickly generating rapport, asking some specific questions, and telling your story in three sentences or under 60 seconds.

Tell your story in three sentences or under 60 seconds. That’s about all the time that someone can or will give you their full attention.


Why should you tell your story so quickly?

  • You don’t need to give a ton of details, so shortening it ensures it’s only the most important pieces
  • Most people don’t have the interest or attention to listen to a longer story
  • It’s easier to connect your story to the sale when it’s short

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