How To Close A High Ticket Sale Faster


I built my life by mastering my story. I was able to leverage and use that story to build a handful of multiple six-figure businesses. I’m proudly on my way to a multiple seven figure business as well. But why does that even matter?

Before I mastered my story—and how to sell my story—I was putting my kids to bed hungry and fighting for my life. For me, sales was about more than just making money. It was about providing for my family and improving the options I had in my life.

Understanding sales will save you, no matter where you are. Whether you’re running your own company or just trying to balance a budget and keep your family afloat, sales can be the key to hope, happiness, and life.

During my journey to building six-figure businesses, I learned the critical importance of three things:

  • Leaving small thinking behind
  • Owning your story
  • How to master sales

Many people learn only one or two of those things. You need to understand all three things at once if you’re going to master your money and your life situation. Sales is about big thinking and big stories. And if you can master your sales, you can master your money.

If you can master your money, you can change everything. Everything.

I hands down think every single day that yes, you can build all the processes and systems in the world, but dammit, if you could just sell, you will change your life.

One of the big questions you need to answer to master sales in your life is this: what is my best value proposition? What is the best thing you have to offer? To others, to finances, to businesses?

In sales, you should make your best thing the top of the funnel. If you make your top of your sales process the best of what you have, then people get excited about trickling down deeper and deeper and deeper.

They get to see who you are and how awesome you are. But more importantly, they’re excited. And when I’m excited, guess what happens. I’m going to spend more money. Guess what else happens? I’m going to tell my friends, get us what else happens. I only got to spend more money and tell my friends, but I’m also going to do a couple of other things I’m going to, I’m going to tell my friends, and then I become a fan.

Here’s what I want you to do to begin mastering sales in your life.

Reach out to a few people who are close to you in your life and ask them about what your best value propositions as a person are. It might be ambition, kindness, imagination, humor, hard work, learning, etc. Think about how you can show off those values when you meet people and approach business opportunities.

Not sure where to start? DTDT Nation is built to help people take control of sales to take control of their lives. Let’s talk about getting you enrolled in Night School!

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