Most Of It Is Absolutely Fake

Guys listen, don’t get caught looking online, facebook specifically and thinking that you are far behind the glitz and the glamor that you see.

I can’t tell you how many times I felt inferior to people online and to other business coaches, specifically when I started speaking in this industry. Actually, when I started in business. It hit me again- all over again- when I started this business. I didn’t understand half of what everyone was talking about. Everyone looked like they had spent a fortune on their branding and had a 10 people team.

I didn’t have any of that, I was just starting, and I was starting over.

It’s easy to pop on FB and get depressed in less than 60 seconds.

You see an ad that’s like… perfect. Perfect copy images and a perfect person.

You see a person with their sports car in the garage with their 17 million dollar home.

You see the woman with the perfect husband and little baby.

You see the perfect person with perfect heels and a gorgeous dress.

You see them taking off a month to go to Australia and surf.

Listen guys, most of its not true. Often that stuff is not real and you have to stop comparing yourself to it. Or rather to them. You will totally find yourself in a hole and all of the great things that you are doing and or trying to do will sink.

You are AOK just how you are… and you are enough. AOK just how you are and YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Your work is important, and if you keep looking elsewhere you can’t give your business and your work 100%.

Just focus on you. Focus on all the good that you are doing and be committed to helping people, be committed to serving, and be committed to giving. In my opinion, thats who’s really rich anyway.


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