Racism. How To Be Part Of The Solution


UGH! I am tired. This year you want to grow you AND your business so you can help me on the front lines.

It’s too big for me and I cannot do it by myself.
Listen. Part of my heart is hurting in ways today that I cannot explain.
What’s happening today is part of your story.

This right now is part of your story and you are being asked to decide, like it or not. You must. You cannot be in the middle and if you feel like you are -let me be clear, you are part of the problem, at the very core of it.

There are black people in this community in pain right now. Like lots of pain. They are in pain in a way that is raw and real and they are tired. They are frustrated and they don’t know if they have the strength to finish the day. This is not the first time they have felt it either. This is one of many.

I want to be clear that RACISM for me is not just an issue, it’s actually THE ISSUE in America. It’s the elephant in every single room and without dealing with IT – the other challenges don’t go away. We stay trapped, you and me included.

White person in our community: Use your voice AND THEN take action – you have the power to change the course of our journey – but that cannot happen if you don’t use your voice. Those of you who are already doing that, I thank you.

Black people in our community: Use your voice AND THEN take action and don’t underestimate your power – I know you are tired. I know.
You have to educate yourself and you have to speak at the same time. If you educate yourself and stay quiet… that’s a waste of time.


#1: This SUNDAY CNN IS doing a special that I am going to host a watch part for in our community and watch. Black Men Living & Dying In America. I CAN’T BREATHE. – we are hosting it in our community you can watch it with me and we can discuss it together. Our community is doing that together.
www.dothedamnthingnation.com – you can join us.

#2: Come to a special edition of Tequila With Tiffany on RACE. Register here just in case. I believe we will do it on my personal Facebook BUT I am unsure. Regardless this link will keep you in the know.
Regardless it will be at 6:00 PM PST on Sunday right after the CNN special. https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Qx8RRlHJS_edZTAq-hqi_A

#3: Grab a book. The one I am about to read is called Slavery By Another Name. Did you know that slavery really ended like in the ’60s? #realtalk
https://www.amazon.com/Slavery-Another-Name-Re-Enslavement-Americans/dp/0385722702 ( not an affiliate link )

#4: Honestly, how much do you know about the Jim Crow laws that existed back then or still exist today? You need to know these. Lost without them. Dig deeper into them after that.
This is a great place to start:

#5: Follow an activist: Sean King – is one of my favorite. You can’t change what you are unaware of.
Share your own.

#6: Listen to my favorite WHITE WOMAN speak on Race. It’s so clean and raw and simple. Game changer for me and her work has been.
https://youtu.be/4QJIu15VjQg Part one
https://youtu.be/jJuG26-4XUQ Part two
https://youtu.be/n0Fk3EiU_mY Part three
Other things you can do to get started in being part of the solution.
Send these to videos to your friends and ask them what they are they are open to dialogue about it.

#7: Other things you can do RIGHT NOW…

1) Call your other white friends and ask them if they are willing to talk about this.
2) Call your black friends and ask them if they are willing to talk.
3) Call your white and black friends and ask if they are willing to talk together. Even better if you do it in public.
4) Send a black friend a text. Send a Brown friend a text a FB post and Linkedin message. Check to see how they are doing and if they are ok.
5) Share something on your page the resonates with you. You can use the quote above or create your own. We will try to create some for you so that you can share it.
6) Check five of the top three people you follow on social media who claim to be leaders in personal development. If they are not developing this thought – I would make a quick decision about if you want to follow them still. Their lack of true inner leadership MAYBE the reason you haven’t been getting the 360 results you want. Find someone new to trust and learn from.
7) Talk about what’s happening in your city, in your mind, in this room, and in our DTDT room.
You can’t be silent. You have to build your voice, your audience and your business now more than ever. The key for me is I just want you to get STRONGER.
Which one can you get started with?


P.S. I am not an activist. I am a leader and when I am called to lead, I can’t be afraid I must go.
Note: We are actually all called to lead.

White – Supposed Thought Leaders – Of Personal Development Where Are You?