White Thought Leaders In Personal Development: Where Are You?


He said… “I Can’t Breathe…” If you can sit there and be quiet about what is happening in the world right now, you are at the core of the problem. PERIOD.


White – supposed thought leaders – of personal development where are you? Like really where are you? You willingly take money from black customers and you stay silent? Wait what? That makes no sense to me what so ever. How can you stand on the stage – talk about love and inclusion, healing the world blah blah blah – building schools in Africa – and showing me the photos – and the video … all people and you are quite? Help me understand.

The US/First World home that we both live in is weak.

You stay silent, and I realize this week, you do it because you can. You remind me this morning that I cannot.

Over the last five years building this company I have been chased, threatened by white people in this country – that don’t know me – simply because of the color of my skin when I land for some of my speaking engagements. You have not.

Before I get on the same stage as you every single time – I have to prove, and reprove, and reprove that I should be allowed, but then when I get there, I am often reminded that I need to be grateful that I was let in. To be clear they make sure I am not equal – I am black and I am a woman.

No, I am not looking for you to put up a BS cute Instagram post that says “love all” or “stop racism”. I am looking for you to use THE SAME email list, phone list, large social media and mailing list that you use to sell and make a supposed impact – I am looking for you to make a real impact.

One that will impact me being your equal on stage, my children and black husband (who has been pulled over 6 times by a police officer for no reason) faster.

I want to see you angry like I am. I need you to move. I don’t want you to – I need you to.

I need you to Impact my friends that I love and my clients and the DTDT community that I fight for every day.

If you were to spend the same effort launching this campaign as you did the last launch, things would be different today. I know it.

I won’t believe that you don’t know or are unaware – I am taking notes daily.

If you are going to be a thought leader in Personal Development and not part of the actual development of THIS thought the number one problem in our country for over a century- RACISM in The United States, then I am not sure if you have the thoughts that we should be following.

Go ahead continue to stay silent, continue to protect your money.

Again, you are either part of the problem – or part of the solution. There are no in-betweens

… and I have now identified a new problem that I want to solve. Thank You.


Tiffany Largie

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