Want To Know How To Master The Sales Conversation?


Tune in to hear a live Keynote with lessons you DO NOT want to miss.


  • How we move our business forward and DO THE DAMN THING.
  • Regardless of what conversion rate or sales you are after, as a CEO, your story is the GREATEST asset that you have.
  • There’s traffic, and then there’s more of the right traffic. How to create the right traffic.
  • Where to have your sales conversation.
  • The difference between the General Practitioner and the Expert.
  • The four questions every business owner has to ask themselves to build their story for a sales conversation.
  • The five steps to mastering the sales conversation.

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There was no magic bullet for coast-to-coast business and sales strategist, Tiffany Largie. She went from being a single mom to building three six-figure businesses, and on to a seven-figure business by the age of 30. Tiffany began with no capital but sheer hard work and determination. Today she helps people create the income, influence, and impact they dream of. She’s the creator of Onwards to Freedom, a group that offers business training and support to idea-driven entrepreneurs. She speaks around the world on sales strategy, entrepreneurship, and profit-building. She has dedicated her life to end small thinking worldwide. Read more about her story here.