How To Become a SELF MADE MILLIONAIRE: Step One George Dines


Yes you can be in some of the right places at the right times, or you can simply make a decision to take action. We love this simple practical you can do today approach to creating not just wealth but becoming an actual millionaire. Using right where you are and with what you have today. A raw conversation on what he did outside of just owning/starting a business and the one move you can make today that changes everything. For just about everyone.


Tiffany Largie

You NEED TO GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY BUILDING SOMETHING SO YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DO THE DAMN THING LIFE! Making money while chasing your dreams oftentimes feels impossible. A few times a week join CEO of DO THE DAMN THING® Tiffany Largie as she tells her story and how she built multiple seven-figure businesses without an online funnel the nuances of using your story to build a movement and a brand and getting deep inside of money strategy and healing all at the same time. If you want to BUILD THE DAMN THING FASTER this podcast is for you. If you are trying to get to a million, add a million, or just need to build the damn thing…tune in. There is always something new a few times a week.