Get Your Physical And Mental Health Together


Man, COVID is here and it is not planning on leaving anytime soon. What I don’t want you to do is I don’t want you to delude yourself with the idea that you’re going to just wait this thing out. COVID or no COVID, you have to be prepared to DO THE DAMN THING, and you have to be prepared to DO THE DAMN THING consistently.

This week I have  DO THE DAMN THING Nation’s Community Manager, Anna Gonzales, with me to go over three areas that I really want you to focus on for the next 6 to 12 months. Mental Health, Connection, and Physical Health.


Not only is COVID here, but what’s happening in our world as we know it is a hundred percent of the time for you to make new decisions and make new moves. As long as you have breath in your body and God has allowed you to live, there is no reason for you to not be doing the damn thing. Question is: how do you do it in this new world?


Before COVID, we all had our daily routines. We had social engagements. Things we did to be sociable within our communities. COVID hit and it ruined all of it. Now we are trapped, some alone, in our homes with the only connection to other humans is through technology. For some, that’s a challenge.

You gotta get creative in your self-care and the awareness of yourself.

I’m going to look at the next six months and ask myself what things am I doing. What projects will I focus on? How am I helping? And, are these similar or mirrors of the last six months? I’m going to pull up my calendar and I’m literally going to look and see, what is this next six months? There should be a game plan for the next six months.

Step number one is you’ve got to get creative. The next six months, the next 12 months, you’ve got to get creative, but you can’t settle for just waking up, fingers crossed that you get to the other end, right? You’ve got to get there by design. If you’re not inside of a program like ours, like Strong, where there is a design and a map, you need to get inside a program and find a community. Maybe there’s something happening in your city. If it’s not in your city, it’s online.


So, reaching out for help is the other side of the talk, connect. Connect in any way you can. Talk, reach out, learn what your resources really are. Use Facebook. Don’t use Facebook’s video. You don’t like it? Use WhatsApp. You don’t like that? Use Google Duo. You don’t like that? Use FaceTime. Use a different platform, but you still need to connect in any way you can. Maybe you don’t want to talk. Then share photos, share gifs, share videos, make fun of something, laugh together, watch a movie together with watch parties.

Just take time to connect and be willing to reach out. Do not isolate during this time. Take it as an opportunity to network with groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.


So number three, what are you doing to your body? The stupidest thing that you could do is to not use this time to get stronger physically. Like it just doesn’t make any sense. All of the excuses in the past of, “I don’t have enough time-” Me. I’m guilty. You have more than enough time now. Stop making excuses.

Choosing what you eat is most important! Fuel your body with foods that make you stronger, give you more energy. You have all the extra time to cook healthy meals now. Ditch the packaged over-processed foods. You have to get your health game together. Period. In times like these, it’s so important.

Creating a new routine is where you need to start. Just add one new thing a day and see what happens. Build new habits. You don’t need to buy a program either. You don’t need a gym. YouTube has an endless amount of free things that you can do.

Do something. Don’t settle. Do the damn thing, period.


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