Don’t Over Think It – Half A Milli Is In Reach


You gotta learn to tell your story, Not only is it the essence, but it Is the backbone of your business. This week we have not only someone who has just done THE DAMN THING but someone who does it daily. Donald Spann joins us to tell us his story and how he went on to build multiple 7 figure businesses.


  1. What are the possibilities if you go outside of the norm of how people are making money? The key to business is being innovative and thinking outside the box.
  2. The number one reason we all go into business is we want control of our time and enough money to enjoy it. The first person you have to take care of every single day is you at 100%. You can’t help others until you have helped yourself first.
  3. The one skill you have to acquire is the willingness to take action. You have to stop overanalyzing and coming up with excuses as to why you can’t get it done. The reason there are others out there playing a bigger and better game than you are because they took action while you didn’t.
  4. Making money isn’t hard, we just make it difficult. It is easy to make money if you really think about it. There is money out there sitting in someone’s account. You just have to take action and be willing to go knock on their door and say, “Hey I see you have this problem and I know how to help you.” It’s that simple.
  5. The five steps to getting started:
    – Take inventory of time and resources.
    – Zero in on businesses that make sense and already exist that match up with the time and resources that you have.
    – Taking some level of action. Gain some REAL experience.
    – Create goals that you can stick to.
    – Realize that the toughest battle you are ever going to face while moving forward is within yourself.


When Donald was 15 or 16 years old he made the decision that he didn’t want to work for others, he wanted to work for himself. He didn’t know how, but he knew he was going to make it happen. With a lot of trial and error at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, he ended up with 4 profitable companies in a row, with two of the companies reaching the 7 and multiple 7 figure-level. Since 2012, he has founded and co-founded or partnered in 11 companies, 4 of which have gone on to be acquired.

Where to find and connect with him:

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