Cardi B The Marketing Genius With Damien Rufus


Have you heard Cardi B and Megan The Stallions’ newest song WAP? They DID THE DAMN THING She made money moves with this music video and we have nothing but RESPECT. Brilliant Marketing moves, listen in and we will tell you why.


  • The money is always in the details.
  • If you have someone in your corner that has a larger reach and audience than you, 100% take advantage of that. You’re stupid not to. If you do not have enough reach, you have to find someone who does.
  • Stay relevant. Don’t let the current environment our world is in let you sit on the back burner and wait it out. Stay relevant in making money; be bold and disruptive!
  • When you do something, do it at 110%. Do more than average. If you do average things, you’re going to get an average response.
  • Know your avatar, and get them MORE of what they want. You need to ask yourself if you know your audience enough to cater to them. Do you know how to make more and more money off of the same customer?
  • Cardi B made moves that insured her fans and her haters were talking about her at the same level. While it is always great to have loyal customers and supporters, sometimes having haters are better. Not only is your supporters going to buy your products, but you best believe your haters are going to buy it just as well so they have more to say. If you don’t have people who don’t like you, then you probably not doing enough.
  • Surround yourself with people who have the same value system as you. You need to be more open with the right people and spend less time on irrelevant people that don’t live the life you want to live.