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Man… This week is going to be one for the books! This week we are focusing on Brick and Mortar businesses with one of Tiffany’s closest friends, Founder and CEO of Pet Boss Nation, Candace D’Agnolo. Candace walks us through some of her greatest lessons throughout her first 15 years of being a business owner and she shares the first 5 steps you need to follow to build an effective Brands.


  1. It’s not the right place right time kind of thing it’s a you thing. It starts with you, you have to make the moves. It’s your responsibility to walk into a situation and take ahold of it. If you are in a room full of customers and they aren’t coming up to you, it’s up to you to go and talk to them first. You have to create your own opportunity.
  2. Candace gives insight on one of her first lessons in owning a brick and mortar business. Her number one problem, in the beginning, was spending money in all the wrong places. She was Overspending on products (inventory) and then wasn’t pricing products correctly.
  3. There are an art and science to business. There’s the “art” which is branding, the activity, and the customer service. Then the science is the money maker. How do we know what to make our prices? We tend to make the mistake of focusing on the art of business, the hardest part is the science. Strategy is a skill you MUST learn.
  4. The 5 things to building your brand: Think about the five senses that people experience within your business and what you want those senses to be. Become observant of the things in your life and the brands that you use and think about what elements that they use that attracts you to their product.
  5. Setting up your business to sell it. Building your business as an asset that has systems and process nailed down is critical to your team and self-care.


As a pet industry veteran since 2004, Candace har started companies in pet supply retail, wholesale bakery, dog daycare, pet grooming, and more. After successfully selling three businesses, she now mentors thousands of other “Pet Bosses” to see success faster together than doing it alone. As a pet industry business coach, trade show speaker, columnist, and influencer, her belief in the community over competition and her ability to grow and scale companies is impacting other business owners in a big way!

Where to find and connect with her:

Instagram: @petbossnation

Twitter: @petbossnation



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