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  1. Your story.

  2. your money.

  3. your life.

  4. your dreams.

Stop Building in pieces. Build it all in one week. With us.


Meet Your Professor For The Week

15 Years ago, I was a single mom desperate to change my life. I got fed up with putting my kids to bed hungry and feeling like a failure. My little $10.22 an hour wasn’t cutting it. I needed a way out, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
There comes a moment when you have to acknowledge just how tired you are and how much you want to win. All at the same time. You know you were meant for more but have no clue where more is.
Then, there was nothing else for me to hold on to. So, I held on to my story. It was stronger and more real than anything else that exist.
My story was the ONLY thing I had. It made me unique and different from everyone else… so I used it.
My story connected me to people faster than anyone else and with it. I built three multiple six-figure businesses and then multiple seven-figure brick-and-mortar businesses all before the age of 30.
If I can do it, anyone can. Over the last three years, I have used my story to get on hundreds of stages and reach tens of thousands of people and start a worldwide movement.
Our story is the strongest tool we have on this planet, let me teach you how to use it…. to win… at just about everything.

Build everything you need to win and start using your story, in just one week.

I Am Going To Lay The Game Plan Out For You So You Can DO THE DAMN THING™ Once And For All.

Here is your journey for the the week!

Monday May 15th


The pandemic hits…and then BLACK LIVES MATTER. Yup, they sure do.  Where does the first half of the 2023 shake-ups leave your business and your goals AND YOUR STORY? I am going to lay out a 100% proof plan on how to use your story and the world’s shift to build your business. You really want to be free, help others get free – be a part of the fight against racism?  You have to build your platform and your business. WE START WITH STORY.

Tuesday May 16th


There is absolutely nothing that will help you market your business stronger, better or faster than STORY. Nothing, it is the number one asset that you have to grow your business and income today. The DO THE DAMN THING TEAM is going to teach you how to use it.

Wednesday May 17th


Revenue and profitability are two completely different things. We are going to make sure you have ROCK solid offers in addition to offers that are profitable. What is profitability and how do you make sure your model really works? HOW TO MAKE THE OFFER. WHAT TOOLS TO USE AND HOW DO I GET THEM TO SAY YES? 

thursday May 18th

Social Media: 101 Platforms & Counting – Dominate One

You can sell to a whole lot of people OR you can start mapping how to sell more products and services to those amazing leads you have already generated. More dollars, less stress, and a stronger business foundation.


ON The Weekend…

Friday May 19th

Make More Money: How To Get Your Product And Services In Front Of More People

How did I go from going to bed hungry to my first 100k then my first million, without a credit card, a loan from a best friend, a sugar daddy, or anything like it?

What was my day-by-day game plan? Imma lay the day-by-day game plan to get to 100k or add 100k this quarter.


saturday May 20th

study hall – with a coach

final exams

True grind requires us to step on the gas. If you are dealing with some serious foolishness right now… its 100% time that you increase your cash. All of it. I am going to give you my favorite ways to just make some money – with the business you already have and alongside it.

Implement and work it out. You could go out on Friday night…or you could get moving on the hustle and build something. How serious are you? Build it in the room with family and a DO THE DAMN THING  family member.

The hustle is officially on.


May 21st 2023

invite your friends as they applaude your win…

You’ll receive your award in style grades and all!

HOW THEY DID IT – 10 alumni tell their all on how they did the damn thing.

Get their winning blueprints and implement the damn thing!

Graduation| YES! Nightschool Complete. YOU DID IT!

Certificates… major lessons, and a recap on your game plan- your whole game plan. Imma help you fill in the gaps.

Don’t Take It From Us, Listen To What Our Alumni Has To Say…

12 awesome things you get as a registered student…

  1. Get access to the coaches during night school.
  2. Get access to the rolling chat with how too’s from other peers.
  3. Get access to surprise worksheet delivered during the experience for registered students.
  4. Earn extra credit and get to the A Faster!
  5. Get access to special offers and opportunities to go deeper with DO THE DAMN THING.
  6. Be part of the behind-the-scenes and learn what it takes to master your own experiences.
  7. Qualify to get you $500 bonus when you complete class and graduate on Sunday!
  8. Participate in graduation and let your win be public and acknowledged, we are 100% going to celebrate you and your win out loud.
  9. Get daily reminders and recaps of important summaries and the experience you just went through.
  10. Get first right of refusal for special offers and things that will help you grow faster.
  11. Be amongst other people in the room who have already mastered using their stories to change their lives and make millions you get to talk through the how.
  12. Study hall! Get access to study hall on Saturday and work with the other students, masterminding your way to the core win.

And then …$3000 IN BONUSES FOR STUDENTS THAT you don’t want to miss…

BONUS #1: $500 In DTDT CASH To stash.

When was the last time you got paid to learn? Learn something for you. Yes, I am paying you to learn. I believe so much in your ability to connect your own dots do the work and make BOSS MOVES that last in your life. 

We know from experience that it can be overwhelming to get back on track when you feel so far behind. This, this is the beauty of NIGHT SCHOOL with DO THE DAMN THING. We get you because we are you This $500 dollars will give you a jump start on your next big move. You can keep it for up to 6 months and use it at will.  Just imagine the places where you can use it to help you move faster. Come into the DO THE DAMN THING studios in phoenix Arizona and launch your podcast, create content or map out your next virtual event.

BONUS #2: Podcast Pitch Deck The five we use to get booked.

You know you’ve needed to tell your story BUT have not figured out quite how. Getting interviewed on a podcast is one of the EASIEST ways for you to start practicing your story and reaching a way way way strong audience. 
We reach out in three categories. Once we know we are a good fit and we just need the host to see it. The other we dropped the ball and didn’t follow up correctly. ( How do you reengage ) Last but not least, you said no before. Yes. That’s it.

BONUS #3: How TO tell your story 3-hour masterclass.

Go deeper and master your story at your own pace. We are giving you the same training that we have charged $1000  $5000 for those who wanted to work in a Bootcamp format and get their story right and clear so they can start using it everywhere. 

Leave nothing here to chance. Master your story, go deeper and make bigger things happen



At the end of 2022, Tiffany spent time with a handful of DO THE DAMN THING CERTIFIED Students and did the entire year 2023 mapping the damn thing session to show them how to find low-hanging fruit.  How to fill their calendar like a whole BOSS and how to add six figures with ease. 

This private training, she is taking out of the vault. It is yours. All of it is yours and you can go through it and build your entire year, map out your wins and make all of your goals and objectives within reach.

BONUS Value:  $3000


BONUS Value:  $3000

She is going to give you the M$llion Dollar game – through the lens of 20 years of experience and building a global brand.

Experience is a hell of a thing – it’s the kind of HOW that you can’t buy in a store and if you take notes, and show up you’ll see easily how to build the blueprint for your own M$llion Dollar Brand. 

Sunday is our completion and Graduation Ceremony. Here will recap the entire week, share our “Money Moments” and recognize those that have received an “A” for the week. You will not want to miss out on this celebration.

We guarantee you’ll make at least 100X’s more than the cost of your student seat. PERIOD.

Or… we will give you your refund with a coaching call to figure out where the gap is and whats needed to fill it. You just let us know on day three that it’s not working of NIGHTSCHOOL and we will hand you your money no questions asked and give you a strategy call with one of our awesome coaches valued at $500 and get you your win.  Thats how confident we are that this works and your win is on the other side of NIGHTSCHOOL.
  • All Day Access
  • Extra Credit Opportunities
  • Study Hall
  • 50-Page Detail Workbook
  • 30-Day Post Reunion Mastermind w/ Coaches & Master Students.

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