December 5th – 12th, 2021

8PM – 10:30PM EST

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Work Your Way Harder, Smarter, And Faster To The Next Level

Stop settling for where you are with money & life. Period.

Life is too f*cking short.
For less than 7 dollars a day I am going to teach you everything there is to know about crossing a million, getting the last laugh & building yourself into a brand.

Meet Your Professor For The Week

15 Years ago, I was a single mom desperate to change my life. I got fed up of putting my kids to bed hungry and feeling like a failure. My little $10.22 an hour wasn’t cutting it. I needed a way out, emotionally, mentally and physically. My story was the ONLY thing I had. It made me unique and different from everyone else… so I used it.

My story connected me to people faster than anyone else and with it. I built three multiple six-figure businesses and then a multiple seven-figure brick and mortar business all before the age of 30. If I can do it, anyone can. Over the last three years I have used my story to get on hundreds of stages and reach tens of thousands of people and start a worldwide movement.

Our story is the strongest tools we have on this planet, let me teach you how to use it…. to win… at just about everything.

For 7 Nights We Hustle Hard

I Am Going To Lay The Game Plan Out For You So You Can Do The Damn Thing Once And For All.

Sunday 12/5/21


This is a must. Meet your peers, become familiar with your success tools, and get clear on how to get your ‘A’ at the end and your $500.

Monday 12/6/21

The Foundation: You Need A Stronger Foundation, Period

Real talk. How much money are you leaving on the table? What if I told you you could take your story to the bank. Yes. Let me show you how to stop wasting time and simply build this damn thing faster.

Monday 12/6/21

Branding: Who Are You?

Your brand is SOOOOO much more than a logo and fonts. Your story is your brand, and your brand is your money. We have to find out who you are and who your market is so that you can close sales with ease. In this session you will learn what tools you need and how to use them.  Turn yourself into a brand in record time.

Tuesday 12/7/21

Social Media: 101 Platforms & Counting – Dominate One

Yes, you put up a post sharing that awesome picture and then what? Crickets or semi crickets. You have a few likes but does it turn into dollars? Consistently? No more. We are going to teach you the DO THE DAMN THING METHOD of engaging your audience with your story and how we built the do the damn thing movement online without ads. Half a milli without ads? Yes it is 100% possible.

Middle Of The Week

Wednesday 12/8/21

Make More Money: How To Get Your Product And Services In Front Of More People

How did I go from going to bed hungry to my first 100k then my first million, without a credit card, a loan from a best friend, a sugar daddy or anything like it.

What was my day by day game plan. Imma lay the day by day game plan to getting to 100k or adding 100k.

Thursday 12/9/21

52 Ways To Stack Cash. Repeatedly

True grind requires us to step on the gas. If you are dealing with some serious foolishness right now… its 100% time that you increase your cash. All of it. I am going to give you my favorite ways to just make some money – with the business you already have and along side of it.

End Of The Week

Friday 12/10/21

Build The Damn Thing: Study Hall

Implement and work it out. You could go out on friday night…or you could get moving on the hustle and build something. How serious are you? Build it in the room. With family and a dtdt family member.

The hustle is officially on.

Saturday 12/11/21

Tequila With Tiffany: Bonus Content

This is a special night. Tequila is on the table and tiffany has even more tips and tricks that will simply teach something you cannot find anywhere else and you cannot, or rather you won’t, find in a book. We wrap up night school.

Sunday 12/12/21

Graduation Tequila With Tiffany | Nightschool Complete

Certificates… major lessons, and a recap on your game plan- your whole game plan. Imma help you fill in the gaps.

BONUS: EVENT’S EVENT’S EVENT’S, How to’s, Webinars, Master Classes One Day Workshops- all of it and any of it with ease. Make more money faster.

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