Master Your Story

How to tell your story once and for all and change just about everything in life and business.

The 7 key elements every STORY told in under 60 seconds MUST have to convert the SALE the first time.

Hear directly from the DO THE DAMN THING community!

$37,000K in 16 days Days. YUP! I ask her what to do and I go do that, it just works. I just need a little dose of my DTDT family every couple of months and I’m ready to run hard and #dothedamnthing for the next 90 days. 37,000K in 16 days Days.
– Jerica D.

My business has tripled in sales since the event. I have turned into a real CEO who knows my numbers and how to plan and strategize for the future.
– Cyndy P.

Working with Tiffany is one of the greatest decisions I have made in the business. We were doing almost 4 Million when Tiffany came on board. We were looking to scale, but we didn’t have the foundation to take it to the next level. Today, 24 months later, we will finish at almost ten million this year – and counting.
– Mark S.

This stuff works! After 24 hours of making the shift in my video, I got a new client. It’s really amazing how such a small shift makes such a big difference!
– Nancy L.