NIGHTSCHOOL – Center Stage Edition

What they don’t teach in school. The actual “how” our CEO built a seven-figure business without an online funnel or college degree, which allowed her to create what we call a DO THE DAMN THING™ LIFE.

This is 7 days that can Change your life, Buid your confidence and change the world!!

This 7 days experience will cover:

  • The foundation for an empire – How to use your STORY Now!
  • Story Distribution: Maker your STORY & WIN Consistently
  • Creating profitable offers and ways to get your audience to lean in to you.
  • How to bring in the audience for your message. Gather the people with EVENTS
  • Your message needs to be heard and PODCAST is a way to be “Stumbleaponable”

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Dec 04 - 11 2023
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