How to tell your story Masterclass 

I promise. It will change just about everything.

The biggest opportunity that we have right now while we are on this planet together… is to tell our story. The whole damn thing, and to tell it right. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If we don’t tell our story… someone else will. You know what will happen when they tell it? They will get it wrong. 

                                                                         –  CEO DO THE DAMN THING™ Tiffany Largie 

Your story will set you free, and connect you to everything you want… fastest.

Starting with one of the most important. Building the type of team you want to work for, work with OR cultivate. 
Does anyone know who you actually are… what would happen when they found out. #Freedom.
Become the kind of leader that everyone wants to work for and or do more with without having to incentives them with more pay.
Your story has the thing you are supposed to be doing, in the way you are supposed to do it and the with who you are supposed to be doing it with.
Relationships with your “special person” will soar to new heights, become more delicious and something you BOTH crave.
Make more money or make way more impact simply because you are in the drivers seat with a visible platform of confidence. 
Mater becoming the go to person without having to become the fake life of the party. 
Have customers and clients want to buy, connect to you or spend more with your company or team the FIRST time you ask for the sale. 
Build the kind of  relationship with your kids or important people around you that makes other jealous without having to “buy” their love. Or become their friend in order to get the respect and deep connection you know is possible.
Build the kind of personal brand that always gets noticed and connects you with the perfect people all day and in all ways.

Think of your story as the secret ingredient that sets everything on fire and helps you build the damn thing faster. All of it. 

Be taught by the best in the game

Your teachers for the week

Your Teacher For The Day. 

CEO. Tiffany Largie

Getting in front of a room is one thing, but being effective and converting every single time takes strategy. We are going to give you the cliff notes version of 500. + stages, in front of over 40 Million People and 20 years in less than a week. 

Stop managing other peoples insecurities.

All of them. Life’s just too short for it. 

want to know What kind of experience we have with story?

Combined STages
Million People impacted
combined years

The faster we tell your story, the more you build a life you absolutely love. 360. 

Let’s talk about Phase 1

How We have built everything…

And then unlike other trainings…we show you how to actually use it, everywhere.

Now for Phase 2…

When You Leave You’ll know…

What your actual story is

How to use your story and where.

How to build your freedom to access your full potential.

You Are Not Just Another Attendee…

You are 100% seen in this room. The one on one feel you have been looking for. 

Hello I’m Tiffany, CEO of Do The Damn Thing Nation And…
I Am a Boss.

The moment that I made a decision to use my whole story to start building this company and my life…. everything changed. I mean like… Changed changed! Now I am here, and I want the same for you. This is why the STORY BOOTCAMP IS A MUST. An absolute must. It will be the BEST investment you’ll make.

Sooo…are You ready to tell your story?

January 13, 2024 9:00AM Downtown Boston

General Admission Ticket $197

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