Love Notes

Powerful Impact

This event is absolutely incredible! I have so much information spinning in my brain and I’m ready to run toward my new vision!

Julie Long

Diana, I just wanted to share a win I experienced this past weekend. I held my first painting class. Before hand when I spoke with Tiffany she challenged me with a couple of questions that I had difficulty answering. But after the class I realized something that was there all the time. I do have something valuable that I can see myself as the expert in. I made the mistake of planning the next event…

Esther Davis

Night School is just amazing!

Victor Junior

Night School, Strong, BOSS has literally changed my life. Thank you for not leaving me behind.

Kami Williams-Percinthe

I’m blown away!! Amaziness!! I am truly full from tonight!!! Nothing more sexy than doing the damn thing by making boss moves!! And serving myself 1st! Tonight was fiya!!! Ready for the wrapped tour bus! Thank you badass divas for sharing your stories!! Tiffany largie, anna gonzales, jerrica dodd, thank you!!

Stephanie Carter-Jernagin

I have been up for two hours now, contemplating and expressing gratitude for all that has contributed to my “Now”. I am so very grateful for Tiffany, the #DTDT team, my #FORCEMATES and #STRONG. Without Tiffany’s intervention, I would not have been where I am today – and that’s the absolute truth. Tiffany boldly came… read more

Josephine Marcellin

DTDTBOSS Win I was invited to be a board member, with five figures included. Plus have a $2.5 million dollar offer from a customer to build his manufacturing plant. If you’re wondering if attending Night School has ROI value? The layers of Night School and learning how to share my story the good, the bad, the ugly freed me from… read more

Carol Wachniak

Familyyyyyy listen! Celebrate with me!!! I did the damn thing strong family and sold my first $5,000 program shaking and trembling! She made her $1,500 deposit and I am beyond happy. Thanks Tiffany Largie for helping me be crystal clear on my expertise. I always had this signature program but never talked about it because it… read more

Cynthia Imelda Salmon

Thank you Tiffany Largie for the challenge to do this, because it was a stretch for me to get out there live on video – no scripts either, just speaking from my knowledge and my heart. Also, thanks to this Strong family for your support of me on this journey of learning about myself and growing my business.

Kathleen Panning

Tiffany i a great teacher an bright personality to be around!

Denise Karapetis-Bogeas