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May 15th – 21st, 2023   5 PM – 7 PM MST EACH NIGHT

What happens in school?

A quick note from the dean herself on why this NIGHT SCHOOL thing is your for sure next step.

7 figures yes & you don’t need a funnel.

What they don’t teach in school. The actual “how” our CEO built a seven-figure business without an online funnel or college degree, which allowed her to create what we call a DO THE DAMN THING™ LIFE.

Money & Life Mastery at the same time.

In 7 days you’ll learn how to add your 7…

  • 7 Thousand

  • 7 Hundred Thousand

  • 7 Million

Regardless of where you are, you’ll get 7 times where you are in value that you can apply immediately to your bottom line in life and business and win. I’Am Going To Lay The Game Plan Out For You So You Can DO THE DAMN THING™ Once And For All. WE GUARANTEE IT ❤️.

In just 7 days you’ll know exactly what to do and how to get exactly what you need to crush the game.

All of it.  





Here’s what you’ll learn & Master each day of school.


Monday, May 15th


  • Learn the mindset framework to build YOUR WHOLE EMPIRE.
  • Get clear on what tools you need to keep to build it and who you need around you and where to find get them.
  • Get even more clear on how to use the tools you already have.
  • Design the lifestyle you want and connect with others and the ideas on how to make it happen faster.

Tuesday, May 16th                     


There is absolutely nothing that will help you market your business stronger, better, or faster than STORY. We are going to teach you:

  • How to Implement it everywhere. We ( may ) give you time to do it during class.
  • Get clear on how to tell it from the stage and where to tell it in conversations.
  • Know exactly where your story goes in the sales process and how to us it.

Wednesday May 17th


Revenue and profitability are two completely different things. We are going to make sure you have ROCK solid offers in addition to offers that are profitable. What is profitability, and how do you make sure your model really works?

  • How do I make REALLY GOOD OFFERS, and how do I make the offer sexy?
  • What’s the difference between revenue and profitability, and why do I need both?
  • What tools do I use, and which ones are easier to use?
  • Once I have made the offer, how do I get them to SAY YES the first time?

thursday May 18th

The ” AI” CONVO: How To Use AI in All the things, we are focusing on social media for class.

  • What is AI and why the hell should I care?
  • How can AI ridiculously impact my small business?
  • How can AI help me with our customer experience, hiring process, agency.
  • What are the MUST AI TOOLS I should be using right now?
  • How can AI up the game in my business?
  • What are the top 3 that our team loves and why do we love them?

This will be SUCH a delicious night you don’t want to miss it 

You can sell to a whole lot of people OR you can start mapping how to sell more products and services to those amazing leads you have already generated. More dollars, less stress, and a stronger business foundation.

BONUS: How do you SUPERSIZE Each sale. 

ON The Weekend…

Friday May 19th

How do You Make More Money now:

How To Get Your Product And Services In Front Of More People ( THE DEAN WIll be Teaching a Unique Break Down Of How SHE DID IT )

Get your pens and paper ready to take notes! NOT TO BE MISSED! How did I go from sending my kids to bed hungry to my first 100k, then my first million, without a credit card, a loan from a best friend, a sugar daddy, or anything else?

What was my day-by-day game plan? I’m lay the day-by-day game plan to get to 100k or add 100k this quarter.

SYSTEMS & SQUAD MASTERY I’ll teach how I did everything. ❤️

Saturday May 20th                   9 AM – 1 PM MST

study hall – be in the study hall room with the coaches all day, including access to Tiffany to answer questions and or figure out your gap.

final exams

True grind requires us to step on the gas. If you are dealing with some serious foolishness right now… its 100% time that you increase your cash. All of it. I am going to give you my favorite ways to just make some money – with the business you already have and alongside it.

Implement and work it out. You could go out on Friday night…or you could get moving on the hustle and build something. How serious are you? Build it in the room with family and a DO THE DAMN THING  family member.

The hustle is officially on.


May 21st, 2023 5 PM UNTIL…..

invite your friends as they applaude your win…

You’ll receive your award in style grades and all!

Graduation| YES! Nightschool Complete. YOU DID IT!

Certificates… major lessons, and a recap on your game plan- your whole game plan. Imma help you fill in the gaps.

Yes, I want to join the

Build my DO THE DAMN THING LIFE ( 360 ) with my story.

Don’t Take It From Us, Listen To What Our Alumni Has To Say…

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